• A mysterical Greek doctrine
    for develop yourself

  • An ancient knowledge
    passed across the centuries

  • Lead humanity
    to free its full potential


Through the guidance of the mystic the message of Etelusio finds its full expression

The Mystic Guarnaccia Michele was born in Viganello, Switzerland, on June 10, 1965.

He receives the call in late adolescence: like all calls, at the beginning it's not recognized.

At that time Michele was hospitalized following the amputation of the fingers of his left hand due to a press.
During the long and painful period of reabilitation, following the operation to reattach his fingers, he was presented with a gentleman who, at first, appeared a little bit Strange.
This gentleman name was Strikos, one of the few remaining mystics. He chose that boy as his disciple without his knowledge.

After years passed experiencing with his Master, Michele decides to embark on his own road: the one of the mystics, becoming himself a Master.


The teaching of Etelusio takes place through workshops, serminars,
lectures and courses, both theoretical and practical.

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La Luce dell'Angelo

Saturday 12th May 2018

Starts 09:00 - Ends 17:00

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